Booking Form

Please look at the dropdown menu to see the locations of the market stalls that are available. Each stall as it is reserved will show: the name of the business, the nature of business to be carried out on that stall and that it has been reserved.
There are 3 types of stalls available (3mx3m):
Premium Stalls @£100.00 - Only Stall 6 Left
Standard Stalls @£60.00 - SOLD OUT
Charity/Voluntary Organisation Stalls @£20.00 (Sold Out)
Retailers cannot book a charity stall; however charities may book a premium or standard stall but would have to pay the relevant stall price.
For each stall you book you will need to upload a copy of your Public Liability Insurance (If this is not done the booking will not be continued)
Please Upload your Public Liability Insurance here:
Should you have any difficulties filling in the form or meeting any criteria please don't hesitate to contact

Bookings will be confirmed by email once stall selection and payment have been completed. A copy of the Terms & Conditions will also be included in this email.
Terms & Conditions. Please make sure you have read these thoroughly.
Click here to view the Terms & Conditions
Please Note: Once you have made your payment, please allow for the system to redirect you through to our website or your details may not be captured. Thank You
By clicking the Purchase Market Stall button you agree to adhere to the Doncaster Pride Market terms and conditions.